Teens Motivating Teens: The Return

It’s been a while guys. Half a year? A whole year? Time comes and goes too fast.

I’ll get right to the point. The reason why I took an extended hiatus was because I didn’t feel motivated. I needed time to rest and remember why I love helping others and motivating people.

A question that I asked myself was:

How could I pass on motivation to you guys without being motivated first?

The six months gave me a lot of time to rest, focus on myself and reflect on my true values. I’m coming out clean and I’m going to start taking a much more real approach.

The truth is, nobody can be completely 100% motivated or 100% happy all the time. True motivation comes from getting the most out of your current mental and physical state- that is my new definition of true motivation.

During my break, I tried opening up to blog about my “down” or low parts of my life but it didn’t feel right. I thought to myself

My readers are expecting me to be always motivated and to brighten up their day. I owe it to them to give the very best and most motivated version of me.

I have come to realize that it is not possible. Starting from now, I will write blog posts not only about my happiest times, but also about my low moments.

I will not pretend to be some “guru” like other YouTubers or bloggers.

Teens  Motivating Teens is meant to give a deep insight on motivation for teenagers. A big part of being a teenager is the mood swings, depression, feeling down.

Starting from now, this is the real me.

My mood for the day? I’m feeling content with my life nothing extremely special.

Jordan (Aka) Just A Kid with Big Dreams

I am happy to give you my sincere advice on any problems you may have. Please do not hesitate to look at the tab on the top right to submit. 


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