Teens motivating teens: Rainy days build character

The past week for me has been terribly difficult. The end of January marks the start of rugby season and end of basketball season. Unfortunately, this means I’m playing two sports at the same time. My schedule consists of going to school and leaving for home at 8pm. Most days it feels like work. It feels like a 12 hour workday. Last Friday I felt like taking a pause on my rugby team. Its extremely mentally and physically tiring to exert your full physical capacity for 5 hours a day.

When you’re uncomfortable, that’s when you grow as a person.

Character is build when you’re uncomfortable. In life there will be days where you won’t want to keep moving forward. It was pouring rain and very windy.

My motivation was seeing each one of my teammates diligently put on their warmest practice jerseys and thickest socks. While many of us will never become professional sports players. We understand that these tough experiences will helps us grow as a team and as individuals. Tough times teach us to be determined, tenacious, it give us a sense of accountability and responsibility.

It’s really hard to learn when you’re comfortable. Reach outside your comfort zone and you’ll improve in ways you’ve never imagined.

Thanks so much for reading! I know I haven’t been posting very frequently lately, but that’ll change when basketball season’s over for me! I owe a lot of people advice as well. I’ll get to that haha.

If you want my advice or have any comments, suggestions or feedback go to the tab above at “Questions? Comments? Feedback?”. I read everything you guys send me!

Happy weekend 🙂motivational-quotes-64


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