Weekly teen motivation: Work Hard in Silence

So I know I’ve been talking a lot about following your dreams and doing what you love to do. Many people have emailed me saying that their parents will never approve or their friends will find them crazy. Today when my mom picked me up from school she seemed to be in bad mood, here’s how it went.

“Jordan what do you want to learn in university”

“Uh, not sure yet. Something to do with business I think”

“I think you should do science. You’ll be happier that way.”

We then proceeded to have an argument. I definitely never wanted to do science. Although I always got good grades in science class, I had never enjoyed science at all. I worked at the class to make sure my parents were happy with me.

None of my family members support my firm decision to get into business. Often, I feel lonely. It feels like nobody understands me. Sometimes even my friends call me crazy when I tell them of my amazing plans or dreams for the future. I’ll be honest, sometimes I feel like giving in.

On your path to success, you will be lonely. There will be times when you’re up until 2AM thinking of the next step and continuously working hard while everyone else is asleep. You might wake up at 5 AM everyday to continue working. You’ll be alone, nobody will ever really understand you.

Work hard in silence. Let the success make the noise.

Keep working hard, don’t let other people sway your dreams. The only person that truly knows how passionate you are at your craft is yourself. Prove it to yourself everyday that you are passionate. You will succeed.

If you’re like me and have huge dreams I’ll leave you with a quote:

I have chosen to be a wolf. How about you?

Thanks so much for reading :). If you guys have any questionsfor me or feedback feel free to email me @jordanhelpsteens@gmail.com I try to respond to all your emails :). Or go to the tab above “Questions?, Comments?, Feedback?”.


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