Teen advice column: DE’s relationship issues

Hey Jordan, really like the blog. My boyfriend broke up with me three weeks ago and I’m super sad about it. It was really sudden and we had been dating for a year and a half prior. Can you help me get over him because I’ve been having random breakdowns thinking about him ever since and I have confidence issues now. Thanks so much, DE

Hey DE.

I can definetly relate to your situation right now. You feel really down on yourself, think about all the things you should’ve done, etc. The key for the first few weeks is to just get away and distract yourself. 

The time that you have now is YOU time. It’s time to work on yourself, maybe you’ve wanted to try something new, explore a new place. You don’t need someone with you to do all those things. You have so much more time now to improve yourself instead of focusing on another person. Be happy with who you are.

If you ever feel alone, just hang out with your other friends. What I did was just hung out with a lot of my friends that were girls. It was my way to get my mind off of things, maybe you realize you didn’t really enjoy their company but just the company of somebody to be with you all the time.

If you miss him do not try to contact him or try and remind yourself of him. If you haven’t already done so, get rid of all things that would remind you of him. Including pictures, gifts, texts and phone numbers. You will feel really sad at the moment but eventually you’ll forget about him.


It’s your turn now. Be happy! Be free! Explore your limits!

Make YOURSELF a happier person!

Thanks so much for reading. If you guys want to contact me, you guys can email me at jordanhelpsteens@gmail.com or go to the tab above ” Questions,Comments,Feedback”. You can ask me for advice or encourage me a little 🙂

Have a happy wednesday


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