Weekly teen motivation: Be remembered for giving back

A week ago my school’s gym office’s were flooded. I had the responsibility of throwing the old trophy’s out.

And then I realized:

I could have my name on every trophy in my school. I’d still be forgotten after five years.

I have been athlete of the year two years in a row. Nobody will remember me when I’m graduated though. I can only leave my legacy behind by giving back.

A good example of this is my current basketball coach, when he was attending highschool he won all the athletic awards and received a full paid scholarship to the most prestigious school in our Canada. Whenever he comes back to our school though, nobody knows who he is.

The only people that remember him though, are the people that he has given back to. 

He comes back every Friday to organize the library, coaches not only my basketball team but my rugby team. He also helps tutor kids during the weekend.

Nobody remembers the way he scored the game winning three pointer for the win. The color of tie that he wore to the award ceremony or even his valedictorian speech.

The people that remember him are the ones he has given back to. The players he’s coached, teachers he’s helped and students he’s tutored. They remember how great of a guy he was not because of his awards but because of how he has improved the lives of everyone around him. He gave back to the community that made him a great person.

Be remembered because of the way you genuinely have given back. Don’t hold back on the journey to greatness to give back to everyone who’s made you who you are. Make personal goals to help others, inspire everyone and raise the bar for your community.

If you have any questions for me or want advice please email me at jordanhelpsteens@gmail.com or the tab above “Questions?, Comments?, Feedback”.

Are there people in your life that inspire you by giving back? Tell me your story or even email me a picture of the person. You might be featured on the next blog post!


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